Mission Statement:

As an IRS tax-exempt nonprofit organization, Future Data Lab (FDL) is designed for provide a new generation of data services with cutting-edge methodology and technology. 

The Future Data Lab is partnering with various academic and business partners on the following missions:

  • spatial data services
  • development of tools for spatial data analysis
  • workflow based spatial data case studies
  • training programs for spatial data science.
New Release of Geospatial Extension for Knime

As a joint effort by the Center for Geographic Analysis from Harvard, KNIME and the Future Data Lab, the 1st version of Geospatial Extension for Knime was released with KNIME Analytics Platform 4.7 on December 6, 2022, which is free for download.  

This new Geospatial Extension provides the ability to carry out geospatial analysis within KNIME. In its first version, it will support the most common vector data types such as points, lines, polygons, and collections of those. 

Major functionality includes:

  • Reading and writing different geospatial files such as shapefiles or GeoJSON files
  • Performing spatial calculations such as computing the area of a polygon, computing distances, performing spatial joins, and other spatial manipulations
  • Spatial Transformation nodes that convert points to lines or harmonize the projection of two different datasets
  • Built-in visualization nodes for interactive views that can be included in KNIME Data Apps, and richly configurable static maps for  presentations or reports
  • Nodes to easily access publicly available data such as Open Street Map or the US Census data
Click here for latest news about the Geospatial Analytics for KNIME at https://hub.knime.com/center%20for%20geographic%20analysis%20at%20harvard%20university/extensions/sd...


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